Check Your Service Charges!

As they always say… the devil is in the detail!

I recently became confused by the services we were being charged for on our plot.  One of the items we were paying for was “Landlord’s Electricity Supply and Bulb Replacement”.  As far as I was aware there was NO electricity to our CarPort area, and I raised this with the Property Management company several times and was met with vague responses that sort of implied “shut up and pay it”.

Not being one to roll over like this, I continued to push the point and was not given any satisfactory responses.  So in the end they reluctantly agreed to come out to Middlemore and show me where our money was going.

Fast forward to March 14th, and the gentleman arrived to show me through our schedule of services.  I understood the landscaping and maintenance of the paved area by the CarPorts, but once again asked the question about the supposed “Landlord’s Electricity Supply”.  I asked him to show me where it was…

He couldn’t.

Because… it’s not there!

So, they have now admitted that the charge was not required and will now be refunding everyone on our Service Schedule for this specific (unnecessary) charge.

So…  the lesson is – please do check the details of your Property Service Schedule – as you might find some of it is just money for old rope!!

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  1. Hi Karen! Thanks for getting involved, and thank you for bringing the issues to the website. Once we gain some momentum, I will be highlighting the website and all of our comments to the Council on a regular basis.

  2. Karen, I do regularly pick up litter in the park but every time i do, the next time i go down, it is all over the floor again.
    The kids in the park need to learn to use bins – there is one near the play equipment – can another be located next to the play equipment?

  3. Thanks again for your comments guys. If you would like to write a post about this specific issue, then please email it to me at and I will post it for you.

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