Farnborough Drive Work Starting


Interserve are beginning work on the completion of Farnborough Drive on the 18th April 2011.

Larry Whelan, the Site Manager, has been to most residents in person to introduce himself and they have sent an informative introduction letter, so is looking promising!

They have assured us that AT NO POINT will the road be closing

2 Replies to “Farnborough Drive Work Starting”

  1. It is great that after so many years work has commenced on Farnboriugh Drive.
    I find it though incredible even though works are in progress certain residents leave their cars parked in the works area.
    Let’s not slow down this work so we can at last drive to our homes without sustaining whiplash.

    1. Hi Simon,
      Thanks for your contribution.
      I agree it’s not ideal. Although we were all aware the work was being started, the contractors decided not to notify Farnborough Drive residents of the specific work they started on today, until 9am this morning. They notified them by dropping a note through the door, sadly after most had already left for the day, some leaving other vehicles at home. I think everyone’s keen for the work to proceed, and willing to move around to ensure it does, but I think in today’s case there wasn’t sufficient notice given.

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