Middlemore BroadBand Survey

I’m sure this will be a hot topic!  What BroadBand speed are you getting??  Please complete the Poll below and let’s find out the average speed.  I am sure it will be pathetic, and then we can try and put some pressure on BT (we happen to be in direct contact with their MD on another matter!).

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  1. Can’t wait for the results to come in, I bet the average speed will be very low. Ours is a pathetic 0.5mb on Middleton Road!

    Your ISP can’t legally sell you anything less than 1mb without your permission. Sky told me that. BT were a bit sneeky and said I could get a 1mb speed, which was a lie.

    I think a lot of telecommunication companies are missing a trick by not laying fibre optics on new housing developments. Instead we get lumped with an ageing infrastructure from the 20th century.

  2. i’ve just moved into Claydon road and I’m getting roughly 0.25mb. I have a broadband engineer coming to visit tomorrow, so if he can’t sort it, then I’m at a loss as to what I’m going to do.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Or reports of better company connections?

  3. We can start a petition and if we get 1000+ signatures BT have to update the infrastructure.
    Maybe I’ll knock on everyone’s door and get you all to sign…or just meet at the pub!

    1. Hi Gemma, would be GREAT if we could convince someone to put another Exchange on middlemore – that would give us all more like 8 or 9MB. Let me know what you’re planning! ;0)

    2. If thats all its going to take to get faster BB speed then go for it,

      I live on Farnborough Drive and im getting 3-3.5 Meg with AOL but would love a faster speed….

  4. There seems to be a number of replies on the poll web-site rather than here that are worth a read.

  5. I’ve been in contact with our Conservative MP, Chris Heaton-Harris. I’ve raised our issues with him and the lack of broadband infrastructure. Let’s hope he can help us in some way.

  6. Russ – what did the Broadband Engineer say?

    I’m currently getting 0.13Mb – this is awful! I think my mum and dad’s dial-up was better than that…are we living in the 1990’s?

    I’ve reported mine to my ISP and they are looking in to it – my friends seem to think it might be to do with the line itself – noise on the line etc…hopefully will have BT out in the next few days so will share my news.

  7. Hello, Very slow this morning but up to 2.112 after I disconnected and reconnected my BT hub ( which has worked before).

  8. Hi Mark,

    Sorry for the delay. Im now getting a whopping… wait for it… 0.59mb, this after 2 Bt visits. I fear its not going to get better.

    My ping must be half decent as Im able to get away with some online gaming, but downloads take forever.

    Up for any petition. Mark, if you have had any joy please let me know.


  9. Google ‘Broadband via satellite’, expensive but sounds pretty good.

  10. Plenty of comment (Gusher and Sunday Times) criticizing local councils’ lack of foresite when giving planning consents for new developments and not asking for up-to-date broadband infrastructure to be installed. Middlemore is a classic example (think how tiny any surcharge per property would have been). Time for the petition, need any help? Can we shame DDC into making us first?

  11. Its not going to happen on middlemore,

    I’m just going to repeat what had already been posted in the poll area

    “Its going to be a long, slow wait for Middlemore to get decent broadband speeds. (Much longer than 12 months!)

    Daventry’s BT Infinity roll-out has been delayed by BT for 12 months, as indicated by a poster above, however BT’s roll-out schedule for Daventry specifically EXCLUDES the Middlemore estate from the Infinity upgrade (always has done).

    Why I hear you ask …

    BT’s Infinity roll-out is FTTC (Fibre to the Cab), resulting in high-speed equipment being installed in the local street cab (Dark Green box) enabling the last few meters from the cabinet to the your home to use the existing copper cable, this allows speeds of around 40Mpbs.

    Middlemore is not having this technology installed by BT. Middlemore’s BT ducting is large enough to blow Fibre down it to your actual house, known as fibre to the premises (FTTP), this will allow initial connection of 100Mbps and can be upgraded to pretty much any speed you want as the technology grows in the future.

    So in future Middlemore will have very very fast broadband, but at present, BT have to complete the Infinity project before they move on to the FTTP project.

    Expect 2014 at the earliest, whilst friends in other parts of Daventry should get 40Mbps broadband this time next year.”

    Sure, you can hassle BT, but i’d rather have FTTH then the slower FTTC which is what the funding is for.

  12. My usually reliable source is confident that the major upgrade of the central exchange will benefit all Daventry customers.

  13. Jacqui / bill

    Upgrading central exchange will do nothing, we are 5 miles from it! (Cable length that is) that is the issue, only making the cable length shorter will resolve the low speeds we connect at, hence the move to putting connections in the local street cabs which bt are doing over the country at present and as per above poster, daventry has a date of next may for the works to be done.

    If simon is correct It would be a shame if they didn’t do the middlemore estate cabinets and left us out to eventually provide an even better connection but we have to wait even longer! But does sound like something bt would probably do.

  14. The latest BT document (released today 13/09/2011) still shows a FTTC for 2012 for Daventry.

    View the PDF here:

    No firm date in 2012, but just sometime 2012, however if you view their other release documents, they have dates already scheduled to March 2012, so i suspect that Daventry certainly wont be until sometime after March 2012.
    View release pdf here:

    The document doesn’t mention FTTP at all so either we will get FTTC or as mentioned above none at all until BT decide to do FTTP roll out in Daventry.

  15. I hope you’re right Jacqui/Bob. I’m getting approximately 0.6.

    1.00 would be a massive improvement. I’m not being greedy. I dont care about the 40mb speed, just 1 or maybe even 2mb would be fantastic…

    Will we get any sort of improvement? If so when?

  16. So, BT have now upgraded the exchange, yet you will find if check the BT web-site us Middlemoore residents are unable to get the new service.

    go to http://www.bt.com/infinity scroll down to enter your landline number – no option to order infinity right?

    Now enter the Trawlers Fish & Chips shop number 01327 871811 – they can now order infinity with a 30mbs connection!

    Meanwhile, we will sit here with 1mb for another couple of years.

  17. Simon

    It looks like Ashby fields and the town centre is infinity ready, also Lang Farm has just had a new cabinet put in on the opposite side of the road I believe and there’s a tent up ready whilst it’s being worked on.

    Fingers crossed we won’t have too long to wait. I did ask on the BT forum if they knew when our cabinet would get the upgrade, but sadly they had no information to give at the time.

    My advice would be to keep checking https://www.btwholesale.com/includes/adsl/main.html

  18. Great posts 1 and all – especially Simon. I know it’s painfully slow, I moved from 8Mb to 6.5Mb to 2Mb and down to my current 0.90Mb in the space of about 3 years. I moved in to Claydon Road in May 2010

    Middlemore is stuck in the 90’s regarding broadband speed but to be honest, being a pretty new estate (my part anyhoo), I wasn’t expecting stellar speeds and am willing to forego the FTTC and wait for FTTP. This is not easy as i too work from home but it’ll be worth the wait – remember when we all went from 56Kbps up to Broadband, that was worth the wait too.

  19. Following our last comment, the enhanced exchange has not contributed significantly to broadband speed, but tonight, 22.00 hrs we have 2230Kbps at No. 70. Are we specially favoured?

  20. I’ve actually just purchased a 3g wifi device from 3 which works on mobile network rather than BT infrastructure. I must say, its a HUGE improvement and am now getting about 3mb – 4mb download speeds which i doubt anybody with broadband via phoneline is getting on Middlemore. I have it plugged in, sitting on the window sill in my office which is a constant 3G area and can connect my TV and laptop up to it, using it downstairs. Its so much better!

  21. There’s always a way…….but why do we have to find it.
    We’re off to Spain for a month and with a bit of wireless tech. I clock onto my pal’s system, with his approval. Saves going to a bar with free wi-fi but that’s because I’m shy.
    Talk to you in April.
    Jacqui and Bill.

  22. The last time I looked (2 weeks ago) BT Openreach were still at the Lang Farm cabinet fiddling in their tent since December. I keep looking at the middlemore cabinet hoping that one day we get a shiny new one pop up near to it.

    4G will probably launch here before BT get here. *sigh*

  23. Here’s one for all Middlemore to think about. I’m awaiting a semi official census but I already know that our population would support a Parish Council, which would give us an official voice for much more than Broadband. Word is that Middlemore, Lang Farm and the new Welton Road developement will form a new Ward, which would give us a voice on DCC.
    I’m 78,so I am good at making bullets. How about you younger people?
    We’ll be back in April.

  24. That Daventry Express report mentions Exchanges though, not the actual cabinets. There is still hope, well maybe a little wishful thinking anyway. I’m hoping there is another cabinet list leak like the one in December, we didn’t exist on that list sadly. What is strange however is that Postcode NN118JZ was and shows as FTTC planned for phase 5b, which is Middlemore cottages, e.g only 0.1 miles from our cabinet.

  25. NN118JZ existed before middlemore estate, the cables to those properties are feed from the green BT box outside the hotel on the next roundabout by Lang Farm.

    Rumour had it that BT cables to Middlemore came in via the industrial estate behind us, although there is several street cabs at the entrance to the estate so not sure how accurate that rumour is.

    Middlemore will only be getting FTTP not FTTC like the rest of Daventry, this is much better in the long run but it is going to be 2 more years before it happens.

  26. Crikey, oh well I guess we just have to be patient then. FTTP sounds great, but will end up costing us more I presume?

  27. Response from Andre Gonzalez de Savage

    All Northamptonshire’s residents and businesses will have full access to Super Fast Broadband as we have committed by 2017. This is a substantial improvement by some 74000 premises who are classified as ‘white areas’ and basically are not commercially attractive as they are mainly rural, or not on a network currently. There are concurrently, sizeable plans by BT for investment into their systems and exchanges.
    This is resulting in separate upgrading of exchanges to high speed capacity and therefore improving the download speeds to customers, ahead of SFFB. As BT are not tied into any BDUK contract framework with NCC, the plans your constituent is aware of possibly of a BT decision. We won’t know who the preferred bidder is until later in the year with May, a key month for agreement of the timetable for contract.

    Basically all current decisions are outside NCC’s SFBB plans; although we will keep tally over their actions.

    Hope that’s helpful.

    Best regards.


  28. @ Mark – How is your 3g router working? Are you having success with it? Are you paying a contract for the usage or is it a one off payment?

  29. Dont suppose anyone has an update on our broadband debacle do they? Claydon Road and getting 0.8mg

  30. Hi everyone,

    Ok so I made some research in regardless to the BDUK funding and what I found is the official Northamptonshire council website related to the superfast broadband project: http://superfastnorthamptonshire.net/deployment-map-when-where/

    The information below appears when I type in my postcode NN11 8AE into the search engine here: http://bnpc.atkinsgeospatial.com/Default.htm

    “Planning and survey work is underway or happening soon to assess when deployment may take place. Superfast broadband is expected to be available in some but not all parts of this area from 2014. Additional coverage may be achieved at a later date.”

    Try your postcode and let me know what information you’re getting.

  31. Also on Claydon Road and getting 0.4mg. Got an engineer coming this week, but I’m not sure it will do any good.

  32. Latest search for my postcode… (makes me think they wont do anything until the next stage(s) of development are done with.

    Superfast broadband plans in this area are not yet confirmed. Solutions will be sought between now and 2017 through the Northamptonshire Next Generation Strategy. Progress will be reported via the project website.

  33. There was a new wave of postcodes that are getting inspected and NN11 8BH has been added to the “planning and survey work is underway or happening soon”. The problem is that my postcode nn11 8ae is on the same “stage” since about 4-5 months. Ryan I don’t think that they let us wait until the development is done. If the budged comes from government then it doesn’t matter how many houses are there to connect. Middlemore is still growing and if they place new cab now they could easily connect new houses to it in the future.

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