The Old Railway Path

Stuart Terry, Middlemore Resident, writes…

I hate the fact that kids are using this pathment past Drayton Reservoir as a route to and from school on that busy main road. In my opinion it’s a disaster waiting to happen walking that when the other side of the lake is the old railway track which is pathed as far as the business park! It wouldn’t take much to finish this path to link Middlemore in and we would have a secure path that links us into town. Better still it would be a nice link into Braunston if it was to go a bit further but that is not my issue. I’ve even seen cars overtaking on this small bit of road!

One Reply to “The Old Railway Path”

  1. The original plans for Middlemore showed the railway path extended through to Braunston. I’m not sure why it never happened, but I can guess! There was a request for funds from Sustrans to help develop the path to Braunston, but it didn’t get the necessary support.
    I think this is worth pushing with councilors. The path alongside the A361 is awful to walk along. The kerb offers no protection against lorries. It is only a matter of time before there’s an accident. The alternative is to walk through the industrial estate, which isn’t much better at 8:30am.

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