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Lynne Newbould, Middlemore Resident, writes…

When the consultation happened regarding the use of the Vale, the objections were against a young children’s playground. It was decided that the space should be left as a green field so that all the residents can use it.

Well, it’s obvious that the only users are older children. The amount of litter is appalling. I felt quite uneasy walking past a group, whose language and volume were quite inappropriate. Fortunately my daughter was too young to understand. The area is quickly becoming a no go zone after dark.

In contrast, the Country park this afternoon was very busy. Lots of young families enjoying the play equipment, having picnics, kicking a football around!

So yes, a royal wedding party on the Vale would be great, but a decent, safe play area would have been a better long term option to bring the community together.

ps. if your child is out playing, ask them to put their litter in the bins provided.

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  1. i totally agree, my young children are are often hearing bad lauguage when we are out and the litters disgraceful. My eldest child ants to play out with her friends but i just feel i have to hold back, ashame in such a lovely setting

  2. Thanks I was wondering what had happened about the “consultation” a dreadful shame that younger children have no decent play facilties only the the pocket parks which are really a waste of space, some of which have been damaged and others not maintained.

  3. The litter and language is disgraceful and something needs to be done about this – i don’t mind picking up a bit of litter every now and again, but if the children are going to treat such a beautiful area with contempt, then what is the point?

  4. As one of the three District Councillors for the Abbey North Ward I would like to make contact with as many residents of Middlemore as possible in order that I can recieve their views / problems and try to assist in resolving them with Daventry District Council / other service providers.

    1. Hi Chris, Thanks for posting here. This is great. I am having a meeting with Rosyln Tidman each month to highlight the issues raised here, perhaps we could all meet together? You can email me direct at RICK@LTFGROUP.COM. Best wishes, Rick (Website Creator)

    2. Hi Chris, Thank you again for posting here. It would be good to meet with you to discuss some of the issues raised here. Perhaps you can give me a call on 07803157192? Best, Rick (Website Producer)

  5. I also think the excessive litter on the vale is terrible, and so unnecessary, as there are litter bins about. It’s a shame a few anti social people spoil it for the rest of us. The other week there was an old sofa up at the play area! it’s awful….where has everyone’s pride in where they live gone?

  6. I agree with all the above comments i’ve just read. I have two daughters and whom would love to play on the park / vale area but most of the time is littered with both litter and youths with disgusting language. Its a shame this happens as it ruins it for everyone.

  7. In the absence of these kid’s parents having any idea what they’re up to, I would guess the only way to resolve this issue is to get the community policing team involved – Does anyone know the contact details? The longer the kids get away with behaviour like that + littering, the more they will think it is acceptable in the area.
    I noticed that a few weeks ago, some of them even dug up a huge patch of the grass on the vale which had to be sorted by the council!

  8. Walked down here yeaterday with the dog and saw a few teenagers pulling on the trees. It used to be a nice place to walk the dog but now feel intimidated by the amount of older children ruining the place. I also have a 2 year old grandson and we couldn’t play at the park due to the state the older children have left it in. No wonder so many people are selling up and moving

  9. I go to the park and the Vale a lot. I put my litter in the bin all the time, but i agree others don’t. I know most of the people in the park and we think there should be a different part for older children so the younger children can play on the park, this is why we have moved to the Vale area. I will make sure the rubbish goes in the bin. Sorry to cause concern. I hope this problem goes away soon. I wish to mention the Royal Wedding party was really good. It brought the community together and it was nice to see different ages mixing so now we have more respect for each other. Most of the older children are fine with little children but i understand the concern. I will tell people to watch their language as well. Sorry.

  10. i agree with all of the above,but please don’t tar all off the kid’s with the same brush as most of them are polite and helpful

  11. Well, what a shame…nothing seems to have changed. If anything as the nights are getting lighter, these ‘individuals’ seem to think they can behave exactly how they like, and to hell with everyone else. What will it take for them to understand how to behave in a socially appropriate manner? the rubbish is appalling still. On Sunday I collected a black sack full just from the area by the bench on the lower vale!!!! I just do not understand. Sorry Karen, I have no info with regards to play area floor…again what a shame…..words fail really.

  12. Hello, I’m Matt I’m your local Police Community Support Officer / Beat Manager for the Middlemore Estate, I’m assisted by my colleage PC Stuart Rands.

    I would like to remind all residents to reports issues to the Police as and when they are happening, can can do this be calling 03000 111 222 and speaking to our 24/7 contact centre.

    If you wish to contact me directly you can either email me or contact me via the 03000 111 222 number.

  13. It has been a while since I posted and I’m sure you are aware our partners at the council have funded Streetvibe, to do some sessions up on the Middlemore estate. One of these sessions was attended by 14 young people.

    Reports of youth related nuisance on the estate to the Police are still extremely low. I would like to remind everybody if you wish to contact the Police and it is not an Emergency you can call 03000 111222.

    Your local officers are based at the Police Station in Daventry, and you are also quite welcome to call in and discuss issues you may have. The front office is manned from 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday and 10am to 4pm on Sundays.

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