Middlemore Broadband – a note from Councillor Long

I note from my continued referal to the Middlemore website residents interest in Broadband.

I work closely, (and am in regular contact), with Andre Gonzalez de Savage, the Cabinet Member at County Hall who is responsible for this matter.

Should you feel that it woud be advantageous, I would be happy to act as a conduit for information between residents and Andre.

One Reply to “Middlemore Broadband – a note from Councillor Long”

  1. All Northamptonshire’s residents and businesses will have full access to Super Fast Broadband as we have committed by 2017. This is a substantial improvement by some 74000 premises who are classified as ‘white areas’ and basically are not commercially attractive as they are mainly rural, or not on a network currently. There are concurrently, sizeable plans by BT for investment into their systems and exchanges.
    This is resulting in separate upgrading of exchanges to high speed capacity and therefore improving the download speeds to customers, ahead of SFFB. As BT are not tied into any BDUK contract framework with NCC, the plans your constituent is aware of possibly of a BT decision. We won’t know who the preferred bidder is until later in the year with May, a key month for agreement of the timetable for contract.

    Basically all current decisions are outside NCC’s SFBB plans; although we will keep tally over their actions.

    Hope that’s helpful.

    Best regards.


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