**** Meeting arranged for 5pm Tuesday 1st May at the Middlemore Pub – all welcome, local paper in attendance as is Councillor Chris Long ****

As you may be aware Site 10 (the site next to the Middlemore farm Public House) was dedicated to be a Primary School.

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In 2010 a review by Northampton County Council found that there were sufficient school places within the current Primary schools to not require a Primary School to be built. Ashby Fields is already full from that local area, so children from Middlemore are allocated schools further afield, most children are allocated to The Grange and Southbrook Schools.

This week Daventry District Council announced plans to build houses on Site 10 as no school is to be built by Northampton County Council on this land, this cannot be allowed to happen! Loosing this land to housing means when Northampton County Council realise their mistake and the need for a Primary School on Middlemore is needed, there will be no space for it.

Therefore the first thing we as Middlemore residents need to do is fight the planning application on a united front, we need to be seen as a group all committed to the objective of getting a school built on this development as it was designed to have from the very beginning.

A number of ideas and plans have already been started by individuals over the coming days these individuals hopefully will be linked up by Councillor Chris Long where we can then start creating a group of people who can help with this issue.

At this time, all interested residents are asked to send a simple email to Councillor Chris Long, with their Name and Address, this will be used for the basis of how many residents are able to be counted towards the objection. (or how much work we have to get people on our side! Perhaps there really is only 6 people upset with no school?) Furthermore if you would like to be involved with the process and are able to offer your help if/where required, please also state this within your email. Councillor Chris Long’s Email address is clong@daventrydc.gov.uk

We only have a matter of weeks to ensure that this work is done, for a year or so many people have talked about doing something, now is the time to actually do it.

We only need your Name and address at this stage but do please keep up to date of the developments by checking back on this site regularly.

P.S If you don’t have children, this still affects you! Your house value will be less when it is known that the nearest school for any potential buyers is almost 3 miles away and lets not even start on the slow broadband! So please do consider participating in this campaign.

This isn’t just about a school however, a school is just a conduit to building a community, its an activity area where after school clubs and summer clubs can be held, where parents can meet at the school gates and engage with each other this all helps building a stronger community within Middlemore development.

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  1. I have emailed Chris Long with my details, opposing the decision to build more property.

    Many thanks.


  2. Email sent!
    But I don’t think the number of objections should be gauged on this site alone as unfortunately not a lot of residents use it.

    Maybe leaflets with the above on?

  3. Hi

    Around 3-4 weeks ago I had an in depth chat with Mr long regarding the issues with schools and the fact that Middlemore will not get a school. As far as I understood it from Mr Long the proposal for Middlemore school was seen as no longer in the picture and there was nothing that could be done to reinstate it as the decision had been made.
    I along with yourselves I really think a school on middlemore is important as there are many issues that have arisen by having to transport children to schools further afield.
    I will defientely get involved and help where I can, Mr long already has my details as I have sent him lots of e-mails regarding the school issue!!!!


  4. Comments from Chris Long

    I visited the offices of the Daventry Express this morning and spoke with both the Editor Matt Cornish and one of his reporters James Bryce.

    I have asked if they would be prepared to produce a follow up article for next weeks edition laying out residents objections to DDC’s planning proposals. I am very hopeful that this will be forthcoming.

    I would, if I may, urge any residents who wish to be involved with this planning appeal to contact me so we can create an action group.

    I will try to arrange a meeting at the Middlemore pub so residents can come together and agree a course of action.

    Please watch this space for further news.

    1. Thank you please continue to pass the word around to your neighbours and get other people to use this site and get in touch with Councillor Long

  5. Last night I met with a group of Middlemore residents in order to exchange ideas on how we can fight DDC’s proposed planning application to build houses for rent on the originaly proposed school site. Whilst the site remains unused and now with quickly growing support there is always a chance that perhaps we can reverse NCC’s decision not to build the school.

    Following a very productive meeting it was decided to contact as many Middlemore residents as possible to gain their support. ( There is always a better chance of success as support numbers grow).

    I had a breakfast meeting with Chris Heaton- Harris, our MP, this morning, who now fully briefed has offered his support.

    I also spoke to reporters at the Daventry Express this morning. They are going to arrange to have a photographer at the Middlemore Pub at 5pm next Tuesday, (1st May), to take photographs to support next weeks article.

    Should anyone be available at that time please feel free to join us. All will be welcome.

    I will keep you updated as new informationcomes to hand

    Best regards


  6. Don’t forget folks we need your support. Meeting at 5pm on Tuesday – a photographer from Daventry Express and Councillor Chris Long will be in attendance

  7. I’ll try for and get there for 5 but like most people I don’t finish work till after 5. You may need to stall the photographer!

  8. E-mailed Chris Long and he has replied.
    Hopefully we will be able to stop DDC building houses and eventually get NCC to build a school.

    1. Thank you Gary and a BIG Thank you to everyone to everyone for their support so far. Don’t forget to keep checking here regularly for updates

  9. Good morning to all the residents of Middlemore and a special thank you to those who were able to attend Tuesday nights very well supported meeting and also those who whilst unable to attend sent messages of support. Your encouragement is much appreciated.

    Please may I bring your attention to todays edition of the Daventry Express. Middlemore residents and our campaign are featured on the front page of the paper, with an article together with a colour photograph, page 4 with a copy of my letter appealing not only to Middlemore residents for support but also the wider Daventry Community and also a further support article and colour photograph on page 5.

  10. We all need to hammer this home to NCC, we have been lucky enough to have secured our daughter a brilliant school this year but this will not stop us supporting the fight for a school on Middlemore.

    Lets keep up the fight…we need to support Chris as much as possible.

  11. Considering it was advised previously NOT to build anymore houses on Middlemore, according to the survey I read, I find it strange that this would now go ahead.

  12. Thank you for doing this guys. It would be a terrible shame to waste that land on more houses seeing as there’s so much availalbe between the current homes and the old railway. This school is needed, and we’re with you all the way.

  13. I see today (10th) that the official planning notice has been placed on the lamp post opposite the site. This states we have 21 days to register any objections or they won’t be considered. It also says that they will only be considered if objecting to ‘land classification’ and no other. Time to get pen to paper…..

  14. Chris, we’re still in Spain. Is there an e-mail address we could use to make our feelings known?
    Regards, Jacqui and Bill.

  15. Chris, we’re still in Spain. Is there an e-mail address we could use to make our feelings known or do we use yours?
    Regards, Jacqui and Bill.

  16. Just a note to every whom email chris long, your objections against the building of dwellings on site 10 now needs to put into writing, the planning applications have been posted both on lamp posts and in the paper. watch out for the leaflet which will be posted through your letter box soon it will give all the information you need. If we all object and stop the land usage change we stand a chane of securing the site, otherwise it will just go through!!!!!!

  17. It isn’t only residents of Middlemore who want this school built. Everyone in Daventry suffers if the town’s primary schools are full to bursting.

    I am glad to see Chris Long and Chris Heaton-Harris campaigning for this school.

  18. Thank you for all your comments and support, Due to the age of this post i will be closing comments on it and ask that you visit this page https://middlemore.co/?p=422 to get the latest update and continue any comments you may have.

    Thank you.

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