Radio Coverage Of The School Issue

Earlier in the week Middlemore residents featured on BBC Radio Northampton breakfast time show.

Here we raised the ongoing concerns residents have regarding a lack of local school, how this affects residents both on Middlemore as well as all other Daventry residents due to lack of school spaces in general and coverage of Daventry District Council’s planning application to build rented houses on the school site commercially for their own finical gain.

Following on from our coverage Andrew Grant, Cabinet Member for Education at Northamptonshire County Council responded with the views from Northamptonshire county council over the development.

Listen to the Audio here using the player:
Download the file by clicking the following link: BBC Radio Northampton Audio

Whilst some of Andrews comments may sound disappointing on first hearing, they were expected and they were not a surprise, whilst they have their views we obviously have ours, together as a group we are continuing to lobby councillors at district, county and national level.  The Monksmoor development is still in early planning stages, the developer is still in negotiations as to if and what funding there should be towards education as well as the fact that there will be 400 odd more houses built between Middlemore and Monksmoor before they even start building a school – it is quite clearly a crazy idea that Northampton County Council are trying to do.

As the radio mentioned there have been meetings and further meetings are scheduled, naturally as these progress we will be able to provide further information.

The full BBC Morning show can be found here: Stuart Linnell at Breakfast 30-05-12