Planning Application Approved

Tonight, planning application DA/2012/0310 for building 45 rented properties on the school site (Site 10) was approved by the Daventry Council planning committee.

This is obviously very disappointing news and over the next few days we will be investigating what options we have left to us, as well as the offer of other land within Middlemore that could house a school.

At this point in time, so soon after the planning committee meeting, it is far to early to announce what these options could be.

It was disappointing to note several planning committee members who had provided their support in the run up to the meeting did not attend to cast their vote, equally it was extremely disappointing that Councillor David James who claims to represent the Middlemore area proceeded to vote to approve the planning application (obviously he seems to have forgotten who he is representing, one to note for council election times I think! – admin3)

We’d like to thank everyone for their support and we hope that the chance for a local school will continue.

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  1. I was present at the planning meeting tonight and was very proud of the formal objection made by Tom Bond and the level of support in the room. Although we failed to stop a planning application for houses on plot 10 from being approved, it seemed to me that we gained a lot of momentum and moral authority for the campaign this evening, even if the direction now has to change.

  2. Utterly disgusted.
    What an arrogant council.
    How can they be allowed to be so biased toward there own plans?
    Are there not rules against them doing it. Surely some sort of independent checks are needed?

    As for David James so labour are just as bad around here.
    He seemed to had no idea about residents views despite supposedly representing us. If he’s that out of touch he should do the honourable thing; resign. He wont of course. All politicians think they know best.


  3. There was never going to be a school built on that ground!!! The council only want money and a school doesn’t provide that.

    My opinion is that this will create a mini pocket of house occupied by people on benefits. It said that they are building private rental and some social housing, so when no one wants to privately rent these houses in that area the council will put people on the list for social housing in them. That’s what is going to happen! and once they are in there they wont be able to get rid off them for someone privately renting. So you will create a mini Southbrook on the estate and the council don’t have to worry as they don’t live on Middlemore. This brings me to another point that they said, there are enough school places in Daventry, yeah enough places in the primary school on Southbrook. WHY is that?? no one wants to take there kids there.

    Remember only my opinion

  4. We were also present at this planning meeting and were left utterly speechless, at what can be only described as complete and utter farce.

    We had a councillor whom is supposed to be representing the people of Middlemore vote in favour of the houses being built on the land that was supposed to be where the majority of home buyers had been misled into believing there was to be a school situated when they purchased their properties ( i hope he doesn’t come knocking on our door during election time)!

    Where was Chris Long? The only councillor whom showed any concern for her constituents was Maureen Luke whom was shot down for even raising the school issue.

    If Chris Millar and Diane Osborne are so keen on the development of more homes why did they recently oppose the development of homes being built in Long Buckby the ward that they are both councillors in? (is it a case of not on our doorstep).

    We would also like to take the opportunity to thank all of the Middlemore Resident Assosiation for all of the hard work they have done in representing the residents of Middlemore in their fight for a school.

  5. Thank you for your comments, I’m sure many other people feel exactly the same way.

    To clarify:
    Councillor Chris Long was on an already booked holiday however as he does not sit on the planning committee his presence would have been of no benefit as he is not able to do or say anything at these meetings (how Councillor Chris Miller was able to speak is still baffling me). He did however write to the planning committee asking for the plans to be rejected, which would have been included in all the members briefing packs.

    From a personal perspective, this is as much as he could do and I thank him for his continued help and support with this and other matters.

    And before it is asked 🙂 – MP Chris Heaton-Harris was attending the opening ceremony of the paralympic games, however, he also wrote to the planning committee asking for the plans to be rejected.

  6. Very good response in the Daventry Express. Hope that the actions of the Council will be checked with an open enquiry and that our local MP get involved with this matter.
    I think that a few powerful Daventry District Councillors our running the Daventry Town for years!! Hope Middlemore will continue to fight on !

  7. Maybe some of the residents should take notice of the magical moving boundaries that residents are moving of their own back! Google maps doesn’t lie! Boundary fences put in by the developer to be moved by the home owners at a later date! It’s not your land……..

  8. It really didn’t take long for the diggers to move in did it?

    Anybody know who regulates them? Whilst walking the dog the builders told my wife that she shouldn’t be in the area directly from the pathway going to Middlemore pub… My wife questioned this as obviously there were not fences to suggest this was part of their site but the area seems to have been consumed regardless and there is a lot of heavy duty equipment left outside of the site parameters

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