Grit Bins

During our discussions with both the Local and County Council about a number of road issues on the estate (speeding, parking, lighting, road repairs etc) we found that providing grit bins on the estate was the responsibility of the developer of each section.

We contacted all developers during November and asked that they provide grit bins within their sites for Middlemore residents.

As you may have noticed, in early December 2 yellow grit bins appeared on the estate, one is located on Hidcote Way opposite Snowshill Close and the other is at the bottom of the hill of Middleton Road. These were provided by Persimmon Homes and are maintained and managed by Persimmon Homes.

Whilst some of the other developers responded positively to our requests, the grit bins themselves so far have failed to materialise and we will continue to chase them on a regular basis until they are provided. Bovis homes unfortunately so far have failed to respond to any of our requests for grit bins and have been chased yet again this week.

REFILLING – Refills are the responsibility of the developer, not the council. We have made requests to Persimmon Homes today to get the grit bins re-filled, hopefully they will be able to do this quickly.

*The green grit bin on the exit to the estate by the main roundabout is Daventry Council owned, thus the above information does not apply to this bin. DDC were contacted yesterday (Thursday 17/01/13) and again today asking for it to be re-filled and they have confirmed that it will be done asap.