Fibre Broadband now available for all

As you may have spotted, earlier today we announced on our Facebook page the recent BT cabinet upgrade taking place on Claydon Road has now been completed and residents can now order Fibre broadband from their ISP of choice.

Note: You do not need to use BT, there are many ISP’s available that can offer you a Fibre service, the biggest suppliers appear to be BT, Plus.Net, Sky, Talk Talk, Orange – a ‘Google’ will show you a list of many suppliers.

This now means that all properties located on Middlemore should now be able to receive a high speed Fibre broadband connection. Enjoy!

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  1. Got an engineer booked for 10th. Cant wait to get back on normal speeds. Im wil talktalk so ill post a speedtest result so you can compare with others. (ordered the fibre large btw.) What i also noticed is that the speeds are slightly slower to those from cab 49 tho. but anyways it still above 65 🙂

  2. Ordered, activation 31st October! Yee bloody hah! Thanks to all here for the updates, well done!

      1. Forgot to say, I never had my MAC on placing the order, once I updated my order, the activation day was moved from 31st to 9th October ;-}

  3. Got the enginner to fit the equipment needed to get us fiber ready as soon as they announced work on the cabinets. Meant we just had to switch over when the work was completed. Got ours up and running a couple of weeks back and can confirm decent speeds!

  4. Hi, I saw this post but when I rang BT they told me that Fibre Optic/Infinity wasn’t available in my area, does anyone know why? I live on Hardwick Hallway

    1. Hi James,
      The BT cabinet is currently at capacity, therefore no further Fibre connections are available to be ordered.

      BT have put a date of 25th March to add additional capacity (This is likely to change though knowing BT!)

      Best thing you can do is keep entering your details into the BT checker here:

      Until it shows available to order again, if your number isn’t recognised, then use the shop number 🙂

      Hope that helps.

      1. the fiber speed dropped significantly… so if they’ll add more capacity and connect more houses its going to be even slower… right now we on the ‘newer’ side of middlemore have half of the speed of what the ‘older’ side have

        1. Speed capacity is different than port capacity to connect new lines into.

          Each cabinet (i.e 49 & 51) have multiple links back to the exchange, so it may be that one of the links is congested where as the others aren’t so not everyone would notice a speed drop. BT do monitor this and have automated systems to either increase the connection speeds to the exchange or load users over different links to level out any congestion issues.

          I’m on the cab at the front of the estate (49) and speed test over my wireless is showing no problems at 18:25 at night

          (would he higher still if I wasn’t on wireless)

          What I would suggest though, is powering off both your router AND the BT white modem box for 30 seconds and then turning them on again – its amazing what a reboot can fix 😉

      2. Hi James, as expected, BT have revised the date to 01/04/15 for additional capacity to be added to allow fibre connections to be ordered.

        I will keep an eye on this and advise of any further changes.

        Kind regards

        1. Hi James,

          Fibre is now available again for for cabinet 49, seems bt have completed the installation of additional ports.

  5. I haven’t noticed any drops in speed in cabinet 51, 75mbps up and 18mbps down on wire and 71/18 on WiFi using ac devices.

    If you’re with BT, one thing I did on day 1 was turn off:
    Smart WiFi channel
    Parental controls

    Use other methods/software to keep the kids from Web nasties as opposed to the hub. I also split the 2 protocols on the Homehub 5, it comes with 2.4 and 5ghz bolted together which makes no sense especially if smart channel is in the mix meddling with your connection. Give them their own SSID and password.

    I read up on the hub prior to install and on day 1 I moved from around 12mbps on an old laptop to 32 today.

    Good luck and safe surfing (@ speed)

  6. does anyone know what happened to the fiber information on ADSL checker ? its not showing fiber at all on cab 51 now…

    1. Hi Rob,

      I’ve checked a couple of numbers for cabinet 51 and all are showing as fibre available.

  7. We have been trying to get onto fibre since we moved to Claydon Gardens in February., so have followed all the updates with interest. We are still being told it is not available for our number, through cabinet 51. Our number is not recognised on BT Openreach’s interactive map and postcode seems to appear near Badby! I have been in touch with Openreach’s complaints but they just send a standard reply. Does anyone know if orders are being taken for cabinet 51 and if so, any suggestions how to get our number recognised. Many thanks!

    1. You appear to have a sky connection and therefore i’m guessing a phone line from Sky, thus it will not show in the BT database, you need to get sky to place an order for Fibre, you are connected to Cabinet 51 and it is enabled for Fibre. Ask for a manager if needed and explain to them its a new house on a new estate but you are connected to the cabinet and all your neighbours have fibre so you know its available – that should work hopefully.

      If that fails, if you email me your address and telephone number to i’ll try to get my contact to update it with sky (although cannot promise anything).

  8. Thank you so much for your response, much appreciated. We do have our phone line with Sky so I will give them another try! Will be in touch to let you know how we get on.

  9. Seems cabinet 51 has no more spare fibre capacity (according to both Sky and BT). The Openreach site gives a very generic statement about “working to increase capacity soon”, I wonder if anyone here has any more detail as to when that will be? Kicking myself a little for missing out the first time around, so don’t want to miss out when more capacity gets added.

    1. Hi Stephen,

      It appears on the 14th October additional capacity will be installed to allow you to order fibre at this cabinet again.

  10. Just wanted to say great job by the admins here keeping everyone up to date here.

    To those waiting, it’s worth it, I waited 4yrs on 0.6Mbps and moved to 75Mbps.

  11. I have applied for the fiber broadband and come to know that Cabinet 51 has High demand..Does anyone know when it’s gonna accept orders..

    Thanks in advance.

    1. BT just run a queue system now. As of November 2015.

      You sit in a waiting list and if someone moves /cancels then the first in the list gets connected.

      If after 90 days you don’t get a connection your order gets cancelled.

      So basically order sit in a waiting list and cross fingers. Occasionally bt will add additional capacity to the cabinet depends if it’s physically full or just waiting for additional ports.

      Make sure your chosen isp knows how to register you on the waiting list..

  12. Thanks for the answer and my isp is Plusnet and they have put me on hold.It’s really annoying coz when i contact BT wholesale and i got no exact answer.Hope they add capacity to this cabinet..

  13. I’m on hidcote way, speed is 0.8mb and bt and virgin both say fibre is still on the waiting list for this area. 2 years of poor broadband

    1. Fibre is installed on Hidcote way, but BT only installed a small cabinet – therefore it is full.

      Until someone moves from that end of the estate or cancels their Fibre, there is no space to connect anyone else, hence there is a waiting list.

      Would suggest EVERYONE raised the issue with northants superfast team

      See if they can encourage BT to install additional capacity.

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