Middlemore Parking Consultation

By now all residents should have received correspondence from Daventry District Council who are carrying out a parking consultation following many ongoing complaints they have received in relation to inconsiderate and dangerous parking on Middlemore thoroughfares.

Parking restrictions have been drawn up and could affect you!!


For more details please visit – http://www.daventrydc.gov.uk/middlemore-parking/ where you can find more information and complete an online questionnaire.

13 Replies to “Middlemore Parking Consultation”

  1. Not a thing received, only heard through a neighbour and I’m on Claydon Road which is impacted.

  2. My comments were the proposal to restrict is sensible (particularly given the frankly dangerous parking antics of some) but logically te vehicles won’t disappear but just park elsewhere so the smaller roads will be affected and encounter similar problems logically.

  3. Surely the council must realise that by simply putting yellow lines everywhere it wont make cars disappear! They have to park somewhere!! common sense that!

    Besides there is no traffic warden to monitor the parking and issue tickets so its a bit of a joke really isn’t it?

    There is plenty of land space around the pub and site 10 to build additional parking bays as well as providing safe crossing points between the bays. (this area seems the worst area for parking currently so needs to be fixed properly – yellow lines everywhere isn’t the right option if they don’t provide additional parking anywhere) I’ve filled in the survey form suggesting just that .. but seeing as this council don’t listen to anything I won’t hold my breath..

    Do we get to see the results of the survey does anyone know?

  4. I contacted the council who advised that the results will be available within 6 weeks of the consultation closing.

  5. Having contacted the council to advise that not all residents have received letters they have checked and those who were accidentally omitted will be receiving letters and deadline has been extended until Friday 24th October 2014.

  6. I fully support the idea of parking restrictions on Middlemore and echoed some of the comments here that parking in smaller roads will become an issue.

    Although this is a step in the right direction I don’t think it goes far enough, for me buying or moving into a property that does not have sufficient parking for you is one of the most selfish things you can do. You are simply saying to your neighbours that my lack of thought and consideration is now going to be your problem, I’m going to park in front of your house, spoil your views etc. We have people with 1 bedroom flats taking up 2 spaces on a road despite having off road parking that is under used.

    My solution would be simple, all off road parking is designated areas is fine however make available limited safe on road parking that requires a purchased permit. Commission a “for profit” parking company who can legally fine all non permit holders, parking violaton, illegal parking and unsafe parking then the company should retain their own revenue from this whilst the permit money is used for community projects on improving Middlemore or offering additional community services.

    The advantages of this could be great for the community of Middlemore but also protect the house prices by providing easy access for all, no unsightly parking and generally a nicer feel than some of horrible and unsafe parking we see now. A purchase permit would encourage those with garages and allocated space to actually use them.

    Although this from the council is a start it must go further.

  7. Odd thing is, the council forced the house builders to leave a %age of green areas, looks like that’s haunting them now?

    Each 3 or 4 bedroom home will average 2 to 3 parked cars over it’s life so absolutely no forward planning on behalf of the council tax paying residents. Shocker!

  8. So what you are saying Gareth – is the people with money spare to afford to pay extra money for parking, can park their car and people who cannot afford it shouldn’t be allowed to park their car?

    What about visitors to houses? Are they not allowed to drive and visit anyone on Middlemore anymore?

    This problem is the fact that DDC planning rules state that no development will be approved where parking spaces allocated are more than 1.5 space average for properties on the estate. Therefore all 2 bed properties can only have 1 space to allow 4 bed properties to have 2 spaces, thus making the overall average just 1.5.

    The DDC rules fail to take into account the fact that many 4 bed houses on middlemore have been turned into 4x 1 bedroom rentals, therefore 4 people living in a single house with 4 cars.. (or more if they have a work van and a private car)

    I know properties near me which are 3 bedroom houses that are rented per bedroom, in total they have 6 cars!!! This was designed for just 2 cars..

    I heard that the 4 story houses on the roundabout as you enter the estate, 10 of them are owned by one person/company and have all been setup as 4 bedroom individual rentals that’s the potential for 40 cars with sufficiently designed parking for just 20 cars… CRAZY! That’s is why Farnborough drive and the first road to the left as you drive into the estate is so packed when trying to drive down it.

  9. I do agree that something needs to be done but I have told the council that it goes too far. If we go along a permit route as one of the comments suggests the council would just put any charges obtained to other uses. Believe me, myself and other residents have asked the DDC at their meetings to consider building a community centre with a very negitive response. Most of the DDC will just do what they want without a care for us residents. It’s not our fault that the planning commitee got the estate plans so wrong. Also are we not to have any visitors to our homes because they cannot park anywhere!

  10. I personally think that its too late to make any changes now. Developers should’ve taken that into consideration when they were planning this estate that nowadays people have at least 1-2 cars per each household and by not making a proper car parking area we gonna end up with cars parked 2 meters from roundabouts and on the bend (literally anywhere they can). What DDC is expecting from the residents of middlemore? to move their cars somewhere else ? but where ?! its already very difficult to find an appropriate place to park a car and its even more extreme on weekend when visitors/ other family members come around.

  11. Whilst I agree with some of the points raised others I don’t, for garth, yes we should use garages and said parking in front of garages, well I wish I could as 1. When I came home from work to park my car on my parking area, there someone else had parked their there, not one of ours but a total stranger, when I asked why, the said person replied well your not here during the day !!! so what’s the problem. There was a car parked in the garage which belongs to one of our daughters, she could not get out because of the said car. I have taken photos and supplied them to the said people at DDC in support of the parking problems which already exist everyone whom owns a car with a full licence should know their highway code which states you should not park on bends and junctions so any one with half a brain will work out that if you cant park on your own land then were else are you to Park.

  12. I have written to Northamptonshire county council today requesting details regarding outcome of this consultation

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