Parking Restriction Consultation – Results

The results of the Middlemore Parking Consultation have been published by Daventry District Council and can be downloaded by clicking the following link:
CLICK HERE FOR DDC Middlemore Parking – Consultation Summary

These have now been passed to Northamptonshire County Council who will now review the consultation feedback and work with the road planning department on what (if any) actions they will take, we will of course update you with their decisions once known.

Reviewing the results and the comments made, it seems the majority of respondents supported the idea of some form of restrictions within the estate, however many also noted that while restrictions are necessary, people have to park somewhere and currently there appears to be no information on how that issue is to be resolved.

One thing that was repeatedly mentioned by many respondents was the speed of the buses within the estate, whether they are speeding or due to their size it appears they are is not known, but the number of residents reporting the same thing is a concern and we will forward these results onto Stagecoach and make them aware of the bus speeds within the estate.

5 Replies to “Parking Restriction Consultation – Results”

  1. “People have to park somewhere” is a fascinating response and mildly ignorant to their own circumstances. As previously mentioned we bought a house that accommodates our parking needs, if everybody did this there would be no issues.

    My personal frustration is the under use of the park facilities available, my only sample is the direct view outside of our house… There are 7 garages for the houses in my area NONE of them are used for parking instead choosing to park on the road causing obstructions including a 1 bedroom flat taking up 2 “communal” spaces on a regular basis. I believe the problem is under use of the facilities available rather than lack of parking.

  2. Park in the garages you say? Be fine if you could fit a car in one! We have 2 cars, not huge ones, and neither will ever fit in the garage without removing the door mirrors, now that could get tiring…

  3. I think the underlying problem on the whole of Middlemore is down to the developers and their terrible planning.

    People naturally prefer to park at the front of their homes / adjacent to their front doors – and so will be more likely to use shared areas, rather than make use of the allocated spaces provided for their property (which is the majority of cases on this estate are situated at the rear of properties).

    I agree with Gareth – people just aren’t using the parking spaces that they have.

    I am guilty of this too and will park in a shared bay at the front of my house (out of convenience) more often than not. HOWEVER, I do fully appreciate that I don’t ‘own’ the road / bays outside my house – I would never curtain twitch or fixate on other people’s parking activities, or try to confront fellow residents. Yes the whole area is crowded but we are all guilty of contributing to the problem.

  4. I agree with the comments above. There are a lot of empty drives sat at the back of peoples houses, with no cars at all in them (plus the empty garages – although noted not big enough for some cars) and a whole families worth of cars all parked in lay-by spaces outside of the house, as it’s easier and quicker to walk to the front door!
    This on it’s own would not cause the problems we suffer, if when people parked in these lay-bys they parked up to the car in front or behind! No instead we get a 6 car space lay-by with 4 cars in it, leaving half a car length between each other, how is this acceptable, safe or in any way helpful. Another example of neighbours ‘proving a point’ ‘it’s our lay-by’ is for one family to block someones car in the lay-by by parking one inch (and yes I do mean 1 inch, photo proof) from the front and back bumpers of a young girls car! this yes i’m afraid does cause confrontation and having to ask people to move their cars. If people do not want to be approached about their disgusting parking – don’t park like a prat quite frankly! I myself had an emergency dash to A&E last week, family member taken in to hospital by ambulance, because I do park on the drive, or in my own garage at the back of my house, I was able to leave immediately, Imagine the frustration I would have suffered, and shared with a selfish neighbour if I have to knock on their door, to move one of their two cars that have decided to block me in!
    Just a little bit of neighbourly consideration is all that is needed, thinking of others, not just, I’ve parked my car, i’m happy, sod the rest of you!

  5. That’s an easy one to resolve, paint the space sizes on to the lay-by. Works at Tesco and the likes albeit vertically but you’re more likely to park within the lines, well most are but let’s assume 95% will.

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