Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Middlemore Residents Association has been approached by residents who are interested in setting up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.  On their behalf MRA have agreed to gauge how many households are interested in participating in and setting up  a watch scheme on Middlemore.

If enough interest is generated The Daventry Area NHW Support Team (DANWST) has offered to come and meet with interested parties to discuss how the  NHW Scheme might be set up.  This can be done at a level of choosing and is a great help to build a community spirit within local  areas.

Are you interested in participating in a scheme and would like more information about what it involves?  If so please email your details (name, address and best contact details) to by the 3rd March, or alternatively call 0800 180 8999 and once all the information has been collated from interested parties the designated NHW co-ordinator will be in touch.