Community Clean up day

Its been noted that there is quite a lot of rubbish on the estate, whilst its probably mostly rubbish blown out the recycle boxes, it would be really good if we gave the Middlemore area a little spring clean before summer arrives.

Following several successful “clean-up days” held on The Grange Estate recently, it was suggested by local Middlemore residents that something similar should be held here to clean up the areas before summer arrives.

Therefore we are looking at organising a clean-up day for Middlemore at the beginning of May.

Rubbish bags, gloves, litter picking sticks etc will all be provided, all we ask is for a couple of hours of your time to help collect the rubbish from the hedge rows and ditches around the estate.

If you are interested in helping out, keep an eye on this web-site and we will provide further details closer to the time.

2 Replies to “Community Clean up day”

  1. Good luck with the community clean up day. If I am free on the day I will come and join you, please let me know when you have set a date.

  2. Hi Jacquie,

    That would be fab thank you.

    The date I have in mind is 2nd May from 10:30 – 12:30.

    I have left a couple of message for Alan at DDC but haven’t yet received a response. Will try again Monday and hopefully be able to confirm.


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