Middlemore Public Art Project – Project Update, June 2016

Middlemore Public Art Project

Project Update, June 2016

Residents may be aware that DDC had an informal consultation event at the Middlemore Farm Pub on 31 May 2016. Two separate questions were being asked:


  1. Where should a pre-fabricated sculpture (known as the Bellway tree sculpture) go?
  2. How should we spend £47,500 of funding that is earmarked for public art?


The Bellway tree sculptureBellway Sculpture - Mock Up

Residents attending the event were asked to vote on the location they thought was most suitable for the tree sculpture. There were six options altogether and the clear favourite was for it to be placed at the bottom end of the Vale. The developer, Bellway Homes, has been informed of this outcome but will have to submit a planning application and secure approval before they can actually install it. This may take a few months yet, but we will keep you posted.

£47,500 earmarked for public art

Residents were asked to say what they thought the public art should be themed on, whether it should have a functional element, how many pieces should there be, and where should it go. There was a clear message that the public art should reflect something of Middlemore’s history or local wildlife and that it should be accessible and interactive for both adults and children. Residents also suggested that seating could be included, but there were no particular preferences about how many pieces there should be or where it/they should go.

As a result of this feedback, DDC will invite Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from artists who work in the public art arena. Each artist’s EOI will include examples of previous work and how they will go about community consultation. They should also include testimony about their creativity and workmanship. Once the EOIs have been received, a panel of judges, (including representation from Middlemore Residents Association) will decide which artist to appoint.

It will then be for the appointed artist to do further rounds of consultation with Middlemore residents in order to get to a final design that most, if not all, are happy with. We are anticipating that the actual work of art will be installed in the summer of 2017.


For more information, please contact Tim Cantwell, Community Development Co-ordinator.

Telephone: 01327 302312

Email: tcantwell@daventrydc.gov.uk

2 Replies to “Middlemore Public Art Project – Project Update, June 2016”

  1. laughable – Suppose a little sweetner by Bellway Homes.

    Pointless when money could be spent productively

    1. The public art funding would have been negotiated when each developer on Middlemore applied for planning permission. If it doesn’t get spent for its alloted purpose it has to get returned to the individual developers.

      If you have any queries regarding the public art please direct to Tim Cantwell at Daventry District Council.

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