There have been a number of isolated  incidents of anti-social behaviour across Middlemore.  These include youngsters removing roadworks signs, cones, and give way signs in middle of road causing danger to drivers and pedestrians ,  a discarded mattress was set fire to and Fire Brigade had to attend,  a hedgerow den which was sprayed with graffiti, dog pooh bin was emptied and thrown across pavement & in road,  vandalism of play area etc

Concerned residents have also been in touch with  the Residents Association regarding some of the unacceptable behaviour and have been advised always report to 101.

EVERY single time there is an incident whether you see the perpetrators or not.  DO NOT ASSUME THAT SOME ELSE HAS .


Advice from our local PCSO is that every time there is a concern/anti social behaviour issue is to REPORT IT   –  via 101. EVERY TIME


We have also been advised that if crimes and incidents are not logged it can be  difficult to work with  the parent/carers  of children involved.  Left to chance these low level crimes could escalate into bigger incidents.  Also taking into consideration  the ages of the youngsters there are also possible safeguarding issues that could come to light that the police need to be made aware of.


Likewise if you see ANY suspicious activity that causes you concern please again report in to 101.

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH –  If you are a member of NHW share the information with your NHW co-ordinator.   To find details of your Middlemore local scheme visit

If you aren’t comfortable with reporting on 101 you can also report on crime stoppers website