Middlemore Bus Exit and Completion of the roads

Evening Middlemore residents –

Here is the latest update re Middlemore roads.

“A budget for widening the bus link of £196k has been approved, within DDC’s 2018/19 capital programme. An outline design was prepared by KierWSP (NCC highways). The outline proposal incorporates traffic calming with priority flow control adjacent to where the disused railway track to Braunston crosses Farnborough drive. DDC’s Construction and Development team has conducted a survey of buried services and is in the process of refining the outline design / specification of the road widening link. The final design will be subject to an independent safety audit. Project management and procurement are considering which procurement method to follow for this section of adoptable highway. This may include still working with NCC as an option. In order to maximise value for money and minimise disturbance of Middlemore residents, remaining works along the spine roads will be phased with existing completions and future developments in Middlemore.” This was discussed at Middlemore residents association meeting this week as the residents fear many more years of the roads not being completed. Some of us the residents association are planning to go along to DDC meeting taking place this forthcoming Weds at District Council offices. The question that has been submitted to Cllr Millar the leader of the council ” Due to the proposed reorganisation of local government we fear that time is running out for both Northampton County Council and Daventry District Council to resolve these issues. Do you not feel that DDC’s legacy to Middlemore is in danger of being that of unfinished roads, with raised ironworks, an access road with unenforceable ’no entry signs’ and roads that aren’t adopted? The meeting is an open public meeting which residents can attend – the meeting starts at 6:15pm prompt

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