2 Replies to “Heartlands Exit works to commence”

  1. “However many motorists use the route for general access in and out of the estate,”

    Whilst I am supportive I can’t help but feel this change has been forced by stealth, a blatant disregard for the No Entry signs protecting the bus gate. Which law shall we all ignore next to get it changed to what we like?

    As an aside but semi related to rules of the road… can we educate the small children running or scooting around to look before they enter or run across a road? Will only be a matter of time before there’s a serious incident. With all the parked cars, especially on bends and corners, it pays to look before stepping out. If we are ignoring no entry signs what makes us think we pay attention to the 20.

  2. WhilstI support this development I can’t help we have forced this by stealth. Quite simply people have blatantly ignored the no entry signs protecting the bus gates. Which law of the land shall we all blatantly ignore next to get changed?

    Semi-related can we also teach the young people around Middlemore to look before they step out into the road, cars hurt. The speed limit is 20mph so I’m sure everyone abides by that as they do abiding by the no entry signs…

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