Middlemore to celebrate Queens 90th Birthday – 12th June 2016

Plans are underway to host a street party on the Lower Vale to celebrate the Queens 90th Birthday.

There are lots of plans to be made in order for this event to be successful – including  contacting DDC to organise a licence to host the event,  entertainment, stalls, food, programme of events etc

We are appealing for residents to come along and get involved and for this event to be successful wish to involve as many of you as possible.

An initial ‘organising’ meeting is taking place next Tuesday, 19th January.  Meeting will commence at 7pm.

Want to get involved but can’t make the meeting?  Please don’t be put off,  this is just an initial meeting to put a plan of action into place – we would love to hear from you and can arrange future meetings during the daytime.

If you are interested in getting involved, have a stall or are able to contribute in any way at all please email tweedalek@sky.com.  You can also make contact on 0800 180 8999.

Proceeds raised at this event will be donated to British Heart Foundation.