We have updates regarding non working street lighting including Bovis street lights that have been out for quite some time now. If you have a light out that we haven’t noticed please advise us asap so we an chase the appropriate Developer

Upper Vale This is the Upper Vale – the area between Hidcote Way near Middlemore Farm that leads down to Farnborough Drive. The street lighting has been out of action now for around a fortnight and has been reported in to West Northamptonshire Council by both the residents association and a member of our community. The lights were originally installed by DDC and we have been advised that a new contractor is being sought to undertake the repair works. We are pushing for action to be taken URGENTLY but are led to believe this could take at least a fortnight. We have also emailed all of your local West Northamptonshire Councillors .

The Weir in front of the reservoir

Street lights are also out here and we have been advised that there is an electrical fault and we understand that it will be necessary for electrical contractors to come and dig up the surface to repair faulty cables .

Bovis development

Despite numerous requests and endless emails to the developers and our contact at West Northants Council Bovis appear to be ignoring our requests to fix the affected Street light columns in Hardwick Hall Way, Charlecote Way, Buscot Parkway and frontages of houses on The Weir.

Other street lights on main spine roads that have been reported – shown on map (circled)

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