Parking Issues on Farnborough Drive

I must confess that today was the first time I have viewed the community site despite living on Middlemoor for over 5 years.  The reason was to search for an update to the ongoing issue with parked cars throughout the estate. It was my understanding through the local paper that the council were assessing previous complaints.

We have allocated parking, we have a duty of care to our neighbours to use them correctly rather than parking as close as possible to our front door !!  I’ve personally been very close to road accidents’ involving both cars and pedestrians, The situation is getting worse, and something needs to happen !!

The cars are parked on Farnborough Drive, between Hardwick Hall Way and Charlecote Way in particular.  You try to drive up to Claydon Road without weaving in and out of parked cars. It’s sheer madness,  something needs to happen before someone is hurt!

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  1. This one’s quite simple for me, a double yellow line from The Vale to Claydon Road (on the vale side) including the corners where we have people parking over and round corners??

    I agree with the original post, we are going to lose someone due to the constant need to weave in and out of lane due to inconsiderate parking – that’s all it is, “I’ll park as close to my front door and hang the consequences” If you have allocated parking, use it, if you have more cars than your house is furnished with then the first time a kid’s knocked over this will probably push you to move as the dreaded double yellows will appear overnight.

    I’m sure we can all point to places along Farnborough where there really should be more “lay-by” type offerings? This may be the way forward but I think we can all agree that waiting for the inevitable to happen is not smart.

    Don’t think I’m speaking from a 7 bed roomed house with 18 parking spaces either, we have 2 cars and 1 space/garage. I too park outside my house but not to the danger of kids (or anyone).

    Proactive and not reactive.

  2. Something does need to be done as the way people park is also creating several blind spots.

    But the point about parking near the front door is important when you have small children.
    Dragging a baby seat and a toddler 500 yards in the pouring rain because you can’t get near your front doorstep isn’t fun.

    I’d be happy to see “residents only” parking on Farnborough Drive, and maybe an annual permit (as long as it wasn’t too expensive).

  3. This really is a problem and this situation is simply by people who are too lazy to use their allocated parking which makes no sense at all. Accident waiting to happen .

  4. I strongly agree with Ronnie’s comments, a double yellow line gets my vote every time. A friend of mine lives in Strafford Upon Avon in a similar new build estate, all be it on the outskirts of the town centre but it works there. I’m sure it would work here?
    To Barry’s point a permit might work, but it shouldn’t cost anything in my opinion but should only be issued to residents whom live on areas where congestion is clearly becoming a problem and is deemed dangerous. Not sure how or if this would ever be policed though? Permit spaces would need to be clearly marked out to make this work in my opinion.
    To add to Barry’s point I live on Farnborough Drive and have a young family, and yeah dragging little ones out isn’t fun when it’s raining or cold but it is only water/the cold. I would much rather park in a secure, safe and considerate location and wrap them up appropriately than cause an accident, wouldn’t you? I don’t want this to come across as me having a go, I just don’t see the point you are trying to make?
    Either way I totally agree that something needs to be looked at, sooner rather than later or like you say an accident in inevitable.

  5. A recent email has been sent to the council stating concerns over the speeds at which cars are travelling along Farnborough Drive and went on to state “Aside from stating the obvious, that cars are by far travelling in excess of 20mph I am EXTREMELY CONCERNED that there is an accident waiting
    to happen” ” . there is crossing from the lower vale end up to the children’s park. Cars sometimes stop to give way to oncoming vehicles . Many of the children are stopping at the
    kerb see a car stop and don’t look the other way ­ I have seen many near misses. The crossing needs to be raised to ensure that the cars have to slow down & given the increase in the number of cars on the development road humps need to be installed or something similar.
    The street lighting sign which indicates to stop as road narrow doesn’t work and very rarely has done …

  6. The response received from DDC states “Daventry District Council had a speed survey report produced for Farnborough Drive in Aug 2010. The report found that the 85 percentile speed was less than the 20mph speed limit therefore, based on these results, no further measures would need to be taken in order to reduce traffic speeds to below the limit set. With regards to the “Speed Indicator Device” mentioned in your e-mail, reference would need to be sought from the highway authority, although I think it unlikely that they would encourage its use here as they are normally used in through roads. Please note that these devices provide no capability of speed enforcement.

    Daventry District Council are currently investigating possible risks and mitigation for the footpath / cyclepath crossing of Farnborough Drive. Any measures proposed would require approval from the local highway authority.

    Following previous concerns regarding parking along Farnborough Drive an application for parking restrictions along the road has been sent to the highway authority. The highway authority have indicated that the final review of these parking restrictions will not be completed until the end of summer 2012.

    I have been assured that the street lighting sign which indicates: ‘stop as road narrows’ along Farnborough this will be given priority for repair.

  7. This is one of our single biggest annoyances of living on Middlemore. When we bought our house amongst many things we had parking in mind, my wife and I both have a car each therefore we would need to buy a property with 2 parking spaces available which we did! It makes sense to buy a house that suits your needs… surely?

    Close to where we live the owners of a house park a car directly outside of their house leaving a very tight gap for people to get through so when large delivery vehicles need to pass they have to mount the verge pulling up the grass on the verge. This is annoying and ugly but I can’t help thinking that this could be a more serious issue should the unfortunate need for a fire engine/ambulance need to pass.

    Parking on roundabouts or near to junctions is already illegal and the need for double yellows is not needed here as this should be enforced. Generally a lot of the parking on Middlemore is dangerous and like many have said here an accident waiting to happen. I think a lot of people would fully support the need for double yellows but I’d like to see this expanded further… Double yellows would be great but with a penalty in place for anybody caught parking illegally, this could go directly into a community fund aimed at improving the area in which we all live.

  8. Hi,

    I agree with the parking issue on Farnborough drive, but have a small issue slightly higher up the hill.

    I have nearly been hit twice at the bend at the top of Claydon and Hidcote. There is a large black car that has taken to parking on the corner, this means that cars coming along Hidcote turning right cannot see cars cumming up Claydon as there view is blocked. I have had two VERY near misses here, and don’t know why anyone would see this as a safe place to park.

    The most frustrating thing is that no one else parks within 100yards of the corner so this car could park in a safer place very easily.

    I cant wait for the powers that be to take an interest in the simple parking legality’s that are being ignored all over the estate.

  9. I agree with Jo I’ve had a number of near misses there myself!

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