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As the nights are drawing in earlier in the evening it has been noted that there are a number of street lights that appear to not be working around the estate.

Whilst Northampton County Council have done their “street light switch off”, this currently does not apply to the Middlemore estate as the estate is still being developed. Therefore its is believed that all street/path lights within Middlemore should be lit, if they are not lit, then they are faulty rather than turned off (unless labelled as switched off i.e at the roundabout entrance to the estate)

Please could you report any lights that you notice are not working and we will ensure the report is passed to either the council or the developer responsible and ask them to investigate and repair the faulty light.

We will need the following details:

  • Location of the light (i.e. road name, or if on a pathway location of pathway)
  • Number of Street light (each light should have a number located on it – if this isn’t available nearest house number to it)

You can report these via the comments section at the bottom of this page, by emailing us ( or via the Middlemore Facebook Page

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  1. Buscott Park Way, street light No 8 is broken.

    Also – At the front on the “cycle path” between the development and the lake lamppost No5 and No6 are broke.

    Was also going to say about the 3 or 4 on the first estate roundabout that were not working the other day but these appear ok tonight.


  2. ** UPDATE **

    These have been logged as have an additional 22 lights that have been reported via other methods.

    The street light repair people confirmed that none of the lights within Middlemore are adopted, thus all lights are the responsibility of the developer who installed them thus the fault reports have been passed to the individual developers and it is their responsibility to repair.

    I’ll chase them in a couple of weeks if nothing appears to have happened to resolve the faults.

  3. This appears to be a similar issue for grit bins, my husband went out today Thurs 15th (snowy night) to put some grit on the corner of hidcte way and snowshill close, to find the bin nearly empty (already!). When reported to streetdoctor as per the northants highway tweet, we got the automatic response “developers responsibility”

  4. Hi Melissa.

    The two “new” grit bins (one located on Hidcote way opposite Snowshill close and one located on Middleton Road) were provided by the developer of that area – Persimmon Homes – on request of the Middlemore Residents Association.

    It is their responsibility to re-stock rather than the councils unfortunately as the council have not adopted the roads on the estate.

    We’ve asked them to re-fill today so hopefully they’ll be able to get something done about it quite quickly.

    edit- 18/01 – I’ve now created a new post explaining the yellow grit bins 🙂

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