Anti-Social Behaviour

An update from our contact at the DDH in regard to ASB issues…

I have spoken to our Community Safety Team and they will start a file on issues at the vale.  They will need a contact so they can start with some basic information about what is going on.  I have given them your email address and sent them a link of the website so they can see what kind of comments are being made.

The contact is Claire Smith, or phone 01327 302519
Their general advice is that if residents want to raise complaints about asb issues they need to report this (to Claire) so that we can raise a case on it and they will then investigate.  However, if there is criminal behaviour (assault, threatening behaviour, criminal damage (vandalism, graffiti) then residents should contact the Police, even if there is already an open case with the council (but in that case they should let the Police know there is an ongoing issue when they report).

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  1. Hi All,

    I’d really like to know if anyone else is woken by the selection of orange, white and blue Vauxhall Corsas that dangerously tear around the development at any time between midnight and 3am, 2 or 3 nights a week? We’ve been putting up with it for months now and we’ll certainly be moving elsewhere in the new year if it continues to wake my young family. Middlemore seems to have a pretty poor antisocial behavior problem for such a small area. If you’re thinking about moving here, and reading this website as an indication of the areas quality as I did, before you move here I’d buy some earplugs – you’re gonna need them….

    If anyone else feels as strongly as I, Daventry police were very helpful indeed when I told them about the problem and have asked for any registration plates of those responsible and they’ll take it further.

  2. Hello,

    Over the last 3 months I have been woken up in the middle of the night on at least 3 occasions by someone driving a ‘suped up’ white Corsa. He flies up my road at top speed, revving his engine, making sure that everyone can hear him. He has also passed me several times during the day-time, again – speeding along the road which is quite intimidating as I have a young child and making unncessary noise.
    I would like one of two things to happen: 1. Can someone have a word with the little runt’s parents? 2. If he is old enough not to live with his parents, can someone please report him to his housing association (I assume someone with such a ridiculous style of car / driving wouldn’t have bothered to pay attention in school and has been resigned to a life of small-town drudgery).
    Grateful if you could let me know the outcome.

  3. They pass us every night upto three four or five times.

    If they are still bothering you then report them to Daventry Police. If memory is correct PCSO meant to walk the estate twice per day so you may sometimes see them and just let them know.


  4. White Corsa man has been back with a vengance these last couple of weeks! I’ve spoken to the police about his late night (and day time antics) – they are well aware of him. His on-off girlfriend lives on the estate so as long they carry on, we’ll be putting up with the ridiculous revving and speeding. Maybe when someone gets hurt or killed he’ll slow down?? Police have said there’s little they can do…

    1. Sorry to hear that you are still experiencing problems I have reported this to our contact at Daventry council to check whether anything can be done at all. It seems the most that we can do for the time being is notify the police.

  5. I too have to put up with that little oik and his excuse of a car. No surprise he seems to wear a cap and sports regalia….what is this country coming to?!

  6. Greetings, been a while since I posted on here, we are fully aware of the male we have warned and seized his vehicle for anti-social behaviour before. Unfortunately once they pay the storage fees and recovery costs they can get their vehicle back. Often people learn from their mistakes and the hefty cost of storage, other times they do not.

    I am going to be speaking to our anti-social behaviour unit about this male as well as a local management team in Daventry. The powers we have for seizing his motor vehicle under Section 59 (ASB) has not given us or the community the desired response, so we need to get our thinking caps on.

    We could just seize his vehicle again, but once he has paid for it’s release we would only get more complaints.

  7. Amy,

    Further to your post, we have had a word with his parents, it doesn’t bother me how old someones child is (I took a drunken 40 something home to his Dad the other week).

    He lives in a nice house with his Mum and Dad with a mortgage and not under a housing association, so any option of anti-social behaviour enforcement there is difficult.

    Our last instruction was to think creatively around enforcement, moving traffic offences and I understand this still seems to be the case.

  8. Ladies and Gentleman.

    There have been a few changes in Policing in Daventry, but first I would like to dispell a myth, Daventry Police Station is open for business and is staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

    Daventry is a very large area to Police and mainly rural, I think we cover around 50 villages as well as the town itself, we have satalite Police Offices based in rural areas to assist us with this, these offices are not open to the general public.

    Daventry Front Counter in New Street is manned from 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday and 10am to 4pm Sunday.

    We have had recent building work at the station as the Force does need to save money, one way we have done this is looked at our property rental bill. Northamptonshire Police own Daventry Police Station and the land it sits on. However we had a lot of vacant offices within the walls. A department from elsewhere in the county, who worked in a rented building, have moved in utilising the space more.

    The benefit to us is we have brand new offices to work from and senior officers have suggested they are the best in the county. Safer Community Team, Incident Resolution Team, Anti Social Behaviour, and Priority Tasking Team all operate in one big office, breaking down barriers between teams amd leading to greater information sharing. Slowly Safer Community Team will be dropped with Territorial Policing Review, and although officers will have different roles, PCSO, Beat Constables, Response, Specialist Operations we will just be one team.

    Your officers responsible for your area are:

    Police Sergeant Sam Dobbs 648
    Police Officer Stuart Rands 396
    Police Officer Gary Dolman 1330
    Police Community Support Officer Matt Taylor 7115
    Sector Co-ordinaotr is Mark Buttery

    The main number to contact the Police is 101, to report crimes or incidents, or you can find various links to online crime reporting or forms at

    To contact the office you can call is on 101 Ext 341010.

    To contact me directly 101 Ext 345806


    Matt Taylor

  9. I just dont believe it, it stopped and now its back again, the person who drives that corsa with the exhast that makes such a noise it disturbs the whole street, not only is it during the day but its at night as well!!! and the speed it travels at as well, the speed limit on here is 20mph I do believe.

  10. I have complained enough times about this individual and got no where with it to the point I companied about the police not doing enough. In the letter I receive from the police it says – ” I have been as challenging as I am allowed to be, and have left him in no doubt that he must either amend his behaviour or he will lose either or both his licence and/or his car. He understood the message”

    To me he hasn’t understood the message so take his licence off him.

    Another idea would be to report his partner/friend to the housing association for not keeping her visitors under control.

  11. I’ve seen this car about too …

    I suspect that the easiest way to remove it from the road is ask a traffic officer to look at the exhaust modification.

    Tonight about 18:50 I watched as he left Middlemore at about an average speed, headed back towards Daventry, past the reservoir, right at the roundabout at the hotel, along towards the old focus building, then past that, and turned left towards Timken estate/royal oak.

    Actually – I didn’t see him that whole way, I heard him… yes the exhaust is that loud.

    Its certainly not a road legal exhaust, therefore a traffic officer should be able to ban the vehicle from the road immediately until the MOT testing centre re-certifies the vehicle once it has the correct exhaust.

    He may carry on driving like a prick, but at least he’ll be a quiet prick.

    Only issue – when was the last time *anyone* saw a traffic car patrolling Daventry?

  12. The exhaust has been tested and passes by under one db, there is nothing the police can do about that. As I found out in my letter. If anyone is interested in reading the letter please email me and I’ll send you a copy.

  13. @Dan.
    Surprised by that Dan, its quite clear in the MOT testers handbook reason for MOT rejection – point 4 applies to both from this link –

    It states: “A silencer in such condition, or of such a type, that the noise emitted from the vehicle is clearly unreasonably above the level expected from a similar vehicle with a standard silencer in average condition.”

    This is as of Jan2012 regulations.

  14. I think that as it is of Jan 2012 regulations he has not had a MOT yet this year. I spoke to PCSO Taylor around the August time, same time i recieved the letter and was told that it passed. If this is new as of 2012 it will need to be changed on his next MOT.

    But im sure nothing will be done as it has been going on to long now. He was getting reported to the anti-social behaviour unit in August but it doesnt work.

    If the police keep taking his car away he will run out of money or do has they said in the letter and take his licence away.

  15. Ah, okay, I thought your letter was a recent thing.

    Perhaps something that PCSO Matt Taylor can investigate on our behalf if he reads this.

  16. Greetings, thankyou for your recent updates everyone. I have now emailed every officer that covers the Daventry area to target this white Corsa.

    I have found offences the following:

    Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 creates offences of driving without due care and attention and driving without reasonable consideration on a road or public place.
    3 If a person drives a mechanically propelled vehicle on a road or other public place without due care and attention, or without reasonable consideration for other persons using the road or public place, he is guilty of an offence.

    If we can take the drivers licence away, the driver may take the matter more seriously.

  17. Just a quick note to advise you that any comments being posted regarding ‘white corsa’ are being forwarded directly to our local PCSO. Whilst this is a very annoying matter I would strongly advise that any problems are reported directly to the police

  18. Just to update you all, yesterday I went to visit the the address on Middlemore linked to the recent vehicle nusiance, there was nobody in.

    I went to see the parents of the young male, who were very supportive they called him and I had a very reasonable conversation with him over the telephone. The male was actually at work at the time.

    This male has been unemployed for some time due to the current financial climate and has took the effort to find work, and is now working full time for a local business.

    I told him in no uncertain terms about his behaviour, and as he was now living in a housing association property, the implications of possible eviction for anti-social behaviour. He has previously lived with his parents.

    I haven’t seized his vehicle or warned his vehicle, but I had adopted to a very old fashioned approach to deal with the matter (old fashioned as I am reasonably allowed to be).

    The reasons for not giving him a warning is that we have proved in the past it doesn’t not work, and warning is in force and I would need to see him to seize his vehicle.

    His parents are going to reinforce my message about the loudness of his exhaust.

    Can I ask you all to avoid putting nasty comments about him on here, remember it is a public site. As Karen quite rightly said if you have any incidents they need to be phoned in on 101.

  19. Whilst we are on the subject of anti-social behaviour and driving on the Middlemore Estate, I would like to remind all residents the the speed limit on Middlemore is 20mph, children play in the street and side streets, nd it could be your child that runs out into the middle of the road after their ball. When enjoying the British Summer. Yesterday whilst on the estate I saw many people going a little to fast, and many of the vehicles were not your usual souped up cars with body kits.

    We will be taking enforcement action soon, you have been warned.

  20. Finally got to look at out community website. I certainly hope we can do something about this boy racer bunch and would like to reinforce concerns raised by PCSO Matt Taylor about speeding in Middlemore in general. How we have not had an incident yet is extremely fortunate. Please slow down, and surprisingly I find its mostly young women that are speeding. I stand under correction on this but thats what I see. Anyway everyone has to watch their speed.

  21. Moved into Middlemore this time last year and the white Corsa is very annoying ideed. As of yet we do not have children that it disturbs but it wakes us and the dog up regularly who like any young puppy starts him off thus awaking the neighbours if they have not been woken up by the car already. But seriously……whats the point in having an exhaust that loud? Its still a 1.2 or 1.4 smashed up rust bucket. Its hardley a head turner! I vote some sort of fruit or vegetable up the exhaust will do the trick. Just kidding officer.

  22. Replying to PCSO Taylor

    It shows that evening giving Matthew a warning for his Corsa yet again it has been as useful as a chocolate tea pot, and that he doesn’t respect you or the authority you hold has a PCSO. As for calling 101 that’s a joke because they pass it back to you and the loop starts again.

    You seem to stick up for this person by not actually doing a thing and telling us that he has been “unemployed for some time and TOOK the effort to find work”. That’s nice to know he has TOOK the Effort to find work, Welcome to the real world where we all have to work.

    Regarding his parents, they shouldn’t have to warn him he is over 18! It seems that you don’t have any powers to stop him or this car, after so many complaints by Middlemore residents over the year.

  23. I wasn’t sure which post to leave this on,but last night or early this morning our flats ( Farnborough Drive ) had bikes stolen!! from the bike park in the car park.Granted a few had been there for a while but two were new. Just to say keep a watch on your bikes if you keep them outside.

  24. Thank you for posting regarding this.

    Middlemore is a really nice place to live in, sadly it only takes the odd bad apples with no consideration for anyone but themselves to spoil things for others .

    The council have been contacted to find out what can be to combat speeding and car issues.

  25. Obviously I like using the word ALSO…I’m exhausted due to lack of sleep…… :0/

  26. The Daventry Express have run an article this week regarding nuisance cars around Middlemore and what is being done to stop it.

    1. The statement from the Police is all good and well but this thread has been running for 12 months now and the kids are still ruling the roads – how gauling must that feel?

      1. Actually, although this thread has been running a number of months, it was actually only around 3 months ago that a number of residents got together to get this sorted.

        Whilst the PCSO posting earlier in the thread tried it seemed it didn’t work, within 3 months of getting together as a group, the issue is hopefully now resolved.

        That’s pretty good going if you ask me.

  27. Fit a number of speed bumps across the estate, I have no issue with speed bumps in the least if they save a kids life?

    The “exhausted” little drivers will soon slow down for fear of ripping of said offending part of their car, works well on the speed as well. The best speed bumps are those that are NOT in a straight line across the road but slightly diagonal although I do like this idea from down under:

    Speeding, why can we not fit a speed camera? Or is this not our estate? Just a thought. I’ve said so many times on this thread things will get done the day AFTER someone is ran over! Too late. Of course at that point we can simply refer our solicitors to this thread and go after the authorities for negligence, again I think some preventative action should be carried out.

  28. I’m not sure that this is a form of anti-social behaviour but I am getting increasingly frustrated with idol dog owners that are not picking up their dog’s mess around the estate. It would seem that people are letting their dog dump on many of the pathways without bothering to pick it up. Being a dog owner myself, it’s really not that difficult to take out poo bags with you. As far as I know, there are two or three dog bins around the estate and its high time people started using them having stepped in too clumps last week and again tonight due to the dark nights. I am sure that there are plenty of owners that do clean up their dogs mess on the estate but for those that don’t, it’s part and parcel of being a responsible owner so can I suggest that those that aren’t get into the habit of doing it. Thanks.

  29. Here we go again!! Has anyone else heard/seen the little idiot driving along hideciote way in an old dark blue/purple Fiesta? He’s driving extremely fast and his exhaust is ridiculously loud!!! He woke me at 12.30am last night, we hear him coming and goiong several times most evenings plus we can hear him way above our tv. We have had enough now and will definitely be moving from middlemore early 2013

    1. Sorry to hear of the problems you are experiencing, Have you called 101 to report this driver? Whilst we appreciate that it is very frustrating their is nothing that the police can do about it without evidence from the public and they are no doubt unaware of this problem if they haven’t been contacted. If possible they need to know the registration plate of the vehicle – if he is driving as fast as you say this needs to be reported before there is an accident. However, it has to be said that it is a sad fact that Middlemore is a beautiful area and in which to live and inconsiderate drivers are not confined to Daventry.

  30. Yet again we have a idiot driving through middlemore, I’m afraid it will be quicker for you to find, sell and buy a new house before the police do anything. Look how long it took the police to sort out the corsa man and I’m not even sure they ever did because his girlfriend moved, so no need for him to come round. I like the way the admin says call 101 because every time you do call them it gets added to that new police site where it shows the amount of calls made to the police for incidents on the estate. Middlemore must have loads now!

  31. Somebody needs to organise a litter-picking exercise – there seems to be a lot about at the top of the Vale.

    Not blaming anyone as some of it is probably down to the wind blowing recycling down Hidcote Way etc but there seems to be a lot about all over the estate.

    Residents Association??

  32. Hi. An alarm keeps goings off all the time behind my house, its really annoying. Not sure whether its a car or house alarm. Its either in the car park at the back of hidcote way (building site end) or middleton road. Can this be stopped? Thanks!

    1. Hi there, thanks for your query Angela. I believe that you need to ring in any complaints regarding alarms to 101 (police non-emergency line), it might be useful to keep a log of when the alarm goes off.

  33. When are the council or Persimmon going to come and cut the grass outside the front of my house (21 Hidcote Way)? I don’t care who does it but all the communal areas need cutting.

    1. DDC have been emailed to enquire when grass cutting is due to take place.

  34. Hello,

    I’ve got a complaint to make about the rubbish build up around the park on Hidcote Way. I feel that this has got worse since the new playground for young children has been opened. There are often groups of teenagers in this new park sitting about glaring at people who are there with their young children (I’ve also heard a lot of bad language, including the ‘c’-word in front of my daughter) and I’m now finding a huge amount of litter – mainly energy drink bottles.

    When the park first opened, me and a friend found it was covered in litter and we spent a few minutes clearing it up so that the park would be a nice environment for our small children. Only one of the older kids helped us.

    This afternoon, my daughter (who is three) gasped when she saw the litter around the park (I have told her that it is wrong to drop litter). She picked up 1 cola bottle and 3 energy drink bottles herself and placed them in the bin just outside the park. She is THREE YEARS OLD for goodness sakes!! She could teach the older children / teenagers a few things.

    Can I suggest that we put a sign up, reminding people that the park is aimed at toddlers and very young children and that dropping litter will not be tolerated. All of the bushes that run along the Hidcote Way path (adjacent to the park) have litter in them too. Again, my little girl was very concerned about this.

    I don’t want to loose confidence in Middlemore and I hope we can sort this.


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