Keep the neighbourhood clean…

We have recently received  a number of complaints about litter and irresponsible dog owners not cleaning up after their dogs.

Particular problem areas reported include  – The Lower Vale,  around the Childrens Play area and the Vale at the end of Farnborough Drive  (where the barrier is closed) and dog poo bags which are  hanging in some of  the hedgerows.

The environmental department were contacted some weeks ago and a number of signs were put up on the lamp posts but there still continues to be an issue.

Are you aware of the current fouling laws?

  •  The Fouling of Land by Dogs Order 2011 covers all verges and footpaths and public parks and playing fields.
  • Owners must clear up after their dogs or face a £75 fixed penalty fine if caught by a dog warden or up to £1000 fine if successful legal proceedings are taken.

Together we can wipe out the incidence of dog fouling and make our environment much more pleasant for all of us!

If you witness a problem then please report it  & help keep Middlemore a beautiful and a safe place in which to live for both ourselves and our children.

Here is a link further infomation provided by  Daventry District Council    DOG WARDEN SERVICE








One Reply to “Keep the neighbourhood clean…”

  1. i understand exactly what you are saying, it is not good to have owners leaving dog poo. however if you look around there is far more rubbish left lying around by kids or adults. the fine for littering is more than for dog owners. lets not just single out dog owners, although not nice dog poo is biodegradable unlike the rubbish which is around for years. the builders seem unable to keep there mess inside the sites and then unable to go around outside of the site and clean up. if you are going to have a witch hunt lets include the fishermen who seem to think it is ok to toss there rubbish through the hedge by the reservoir. was it irresponsible dog owners who damaged the kids play area causing lots of damage I think not. again not defending dog owners who don’t clean up after there dogs but remember there are cats, foxes and other wildlife who mess in the open as well.

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