Minutes & outcomes of Residents Association AGM 6.11.18

Minutes of  Middlemore Residents Association AGM

Tuesday 6thNov 2018 @ 7.30pm

Present :        Chair – Ian Campbell,  Secretary – K  Tweedale, Vice Secretary – Kate Campbell

Apologies :      Treasurer –  A Brown, Vice Chair – J Gosling, M Gosling, Cllr Ritchie, Cllr Ramsey, Cllr James

Also present –Mrs C Frost, S Grundy, R Brown

The meeting opened with a quick recap of the previous meeting followed by election of the committee for the Annual Year November 18 – November 19.

1/ Committee members 2018/19

As there were no new residents committee member nominations submitted it was agreed at the AGM that the following positions were filled.  (They were nominated and seconded and voted for unanimously)

Chairperson– Ian Campbell, Vice Chair– Jean Gosling, Secretary– Karen Tweedale, ViceSecretary– Kate Campbell,  Treasurer– Alan Brown

2/  Ongoing Matters

2.1 Street Lighting

DDC have recently been chased to find out when the next round of repairs will occur. Steve Whelton at DDC has advised that they plan to carry out a lighting audit soon and that as and when we are aware that street lights aren’t working we notify him.

KT has details of individual developers who have been contacted regarding lights that aren’t working.  She has contacted David Wilson re Charlecote Way, Barrett Homes re Packwood Close, DDC re Upper vale lights & traffic bollard that is missing on Farnborough Drive. He advises that they can’t do anything re Hanbury Close lighting at this time.

(Since the meeting it has been confirmed that Charlecote Way lighting has been fixed). Action– KT to post again re faulty street lamps.

2.2 Gritting

2.2 aGrit bin

Most grit bins are full, however the grit bin on the exit is only a third full , this is due to a diesel spillage the other week. KT to contact Steve Whelton to arrange refill.  SW has since arranged replenishment of grit. 

2.2b – Gritting of estate

In March this year SW advised that NCC were reviewing gritting routes criteria (NCC have previously advised our roads don’t meet gritting criteria).  The residents association have requested that at the very list the bus route through Middlemore is gritted.  He has  suggested that if NCC agree the route should be gritted the council may be able to take on board gritting of the route until such a time as it is adopted.  Steve Whelton has advised that despite chasing NCC he doesn’t have an answer yet; he will chase again.

2.3 Middlemore roads and the bus link /Heartlands Exit

Road resurfacing

As it stands currently funding and a budget have been agreed within DDC’s 2018/19 programme.

DDC advise that NCC have been requested to provide a time schedule and cost for completion works, in Middlemore, DDC have yet to receive this.  DDC are now preparing a tender for the adoption works.


They advise that “It’s hard to give an accurate start date for the works to commence. Although I expect the works to begin within this financial year.”  Residents advise that they have seen workmen measuring and marking roads.


Bus link

DDC have been contacted to find out if there is further news re the bus link.

Most recent update (14/11).  is that  budget is agreed and that DDC are in process of designing a  two way link.


2.4 HGV Signs– They have recently vanished .  ActionKTto ask if we can get more from highways .

Since meeting we have heard from highways who say they have no signs available or funding.  We are trying to find out if we can get funding for them


2.5  Public Art Installations

Raintree – Some of the glass broke on the raintree 20thSeptember when we had the extreme wind conditions.  We also note that some of the cable is twisted together.  This gave rise to concern as to whether there is a maintenance plan in for the art installations in case any further parts fall down.  Action KT to contact community development team to find out if there is a maintenance contract in place.

Sundial – doesn’t light up.  We also discussed the fact that it would be useful to have some clear signage to explain to the user (particularly children) how to use the sundial. for more information regarding this idea.Again KT to speak with community team. Update – DDC are looking into signage for sundial.  The raintree doesn’t have a maintenance contract in place .  If there are any issues we simply need to let DDC know and they will visit site.

2.6 Parking Complaints

There are ongoing parking complaints.  NCC highways advice – that police need to advised when cars are dangerouslyparked or reported to the Safer community Team. The simplest  way to do this is via the online reporting system.   https://www.northants.police.uk/neighbourhood/daventry-town

2.7 Bin Store Hanbury Close

Despite having called Orbit homes on many occasions the bin store is still in a state of disrepair.  Action–chase again !! update –  Orbit homes have been contacted again. 

2.8 Play area – Bucket swing has still not been replaced .  MRA have also queried whether the rest of the play surface will be repaired. Discussion also about desire to have fencing around the play area.Action– KT to chase – update – the safety surface under swing has now been fixed and DDC are to decide whether to order a new bucket swing or reinstall.

  1. Treasurers Update

Balance remains the same stands at £267.45 – no change. As we don’t know whether we will be able to apply for grants towards funding community events this year we need to be careful to maintain a healthy balance.

Liabilities that we have included Public Liability insurance & replacement of defibrillator pads as and when it is used. (N.B Pads are one time use only and the specific pads to be used on the defib cost £89 plus delivery)

  1. NHW Update

Currently 81 households subscribed to NHW. Police are keen for us to continue to grow. Nine extra signs to go up still.  More NHW signs to go up still – in particular the one that was vandalised on Farnborough Drive.  7 new members since our September meeting.

  1. Update on Site 8

Planning application went before planning on 10thOctober  2018 and was deferred at this present time.  Changes have been requested regarding parking arrangements for the site – they are not overlooked and therefore deemed a crime risk.

6 Update on site 10 owned by Daventry Estates Company

Sale of these houses has been deferred.  We understand that the houses are being rented on short term lets.  We have no further details and await further information from Councillor Ritchie.

  1. Other business

7.1 Anti social behaviour: Local teen have been  are reported to have been Lads reported running up to properties and throwing apples and stones at windows.  Police have urged that all incidents are reported in via 101 or online to enable them to deal with the issue.

7.2 Litter and dog poo: concerned resident re dog pooh and rubbish – she has a spray can to spray them  and has been urged to report problem area into council &  keep us updated.


7.3 Update report from Cllr Ritchie –

The report includes information about:-

a.Futures Housing planning application

b.Access road for Heartlands

c.Surfacing of roads – DDC have prepared invitation for tender so they obtain tenders for the works and commission them.

  1. Support for a safety barrier on A361 alongside reservoir ( there is an online petition for this)
  2. Future of local democracy – Cllr Ritchie report explains that formal decision (at time of meeting) re the re-organisation had not yet happened.

Action KT to thank Cllr Ritchie on behalf of MRA for the report.

7.4. Kids disco to be planned

Due to current time and location constraints we are going to explore the possibility of holding a kids disco party over the Easter hols.  Action KT to make further enquiries




Meeting dates for year ahead are:

15thJanuary 2019

12thMarch 2019

14thMay 2019

16thJuly 2019

10thSeptember 2019

AGM – 12thNovember 2019