Works to tree line along the reservoir

(Posted by Karen Tweedale)

Recent works to trees

A number  of residents have been asking what the tree works are that have taken place down by the reservoir.

The council response received is  that the work along the reservoir is ” to clear the Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS), this section is being done first and then we plan to do other sections over the next few winter periods. The aim is to have a rolling programme of maintenance within 2 or 3 years, the maintenance of this system is the responsibility of DDC however the previous contractor failed to fully deliver the service.”

Local residents project

Local resident Sandra advises that a  project is being undertaken by a group of Stowe Walk residents to reduce the treeline alongside the reservoir to a height of 5ft.     Apparently  there is a covenant in place which means that the tree line should be kept to this height.  Agreements are to be made with Canal & River Trust (who are responsible for the reservoir) and Daventry District Council.

Daventry District Council endeavour to have the ditches (Sustainable Urban Draingage System – aka SUDS) cleared by October.  A permit will need to be issued by the Canal & River Trust and a licence applied for to carry out works to trees belonging to Canal & River Trust.

However,  some funds need to be raised to realise the latter and residents  will be asked during the summer to support this.

A note will be put out on nextdoor in the coming weeks and residents are asked to share this with information with  Neighbour’s to start dialogues on the benefits of the space being opened up for enjoyment

Once cut back The Canal and Rivertrust  undertake to provide volunteers to keep the greenery at 5ft – volunteers will be welcome under supervision of CRT

Anyone seeking info please email Sandra White @ Sandra will undertake to respond within a week

I will endeavour to keep all Middlemore social media streams updated as and when Sandra shares further information (Twitter,, Facebook and Next Door



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  1. Are you saying that all middlemore residents will be required to help fund this ??

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